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Dan is an Executive Coach and excellent speaker that I have had the privilege of hearing speak several times. He also hosted the Live2Lead Conference last fall at the Taxslayer Center. He does an excellent job and always has valuable takeaways we can put into action in our business.
Todd Sebben, SHRM-SCP, Branch Manager Adecco

Dan Shows is an excellent speaker and coach. He communicated management concepts and principles in a way that is easily understood and put into practice. His presentation style creates an engaging experience with the audience and his first-hand experience with the SJ Smith Companies as a past customer is a real plus in understanding what drives high-quality customer experience. I would highly recommend Dan as a speaker and coach.
John Stock, Sr. Director Operations & Supply Chain, Primex Family of Companies

I liked Dan's speaking! I like the fact that he was focused on work and life-based items. Very motivational!
S.Garvin, Program Manager, John Deere

I loved the leadership game! At first, I thought it was going to be cheesy, but I really appreciated how it got us all communicating about issues we wouldn't normally feel comfortable confronting. It was valuable to hear other peoples perspectives in a relaxed setting
K. Thompson, Manager, John Deere

I am a recent graduate from college and was still unsure of the path I should take career wise. I applied at many different places but wanted to have start my career and not just get a job. After workingwith Dan through coaching and taking the College and Career Assessment, things became so clear. I know see how I am uniquely wire to be successful in a field that I am interested in a "wired" to excel in. If you want to stop wondering, wasting time and get focused you should schedule a session with Dan.
Jay - Recent College Graduate, Davenport Iowa

I thought the workshop was amazing. I learned so much. Wish we had more time.
E. Lowther, Project Manager, John Deere Co

It has been my great pleasure to have Dan Shows of Shows Coaching do some work with my staff at our clinic.  Everyone in our group enjoyed the meetings, which were very interactive, and we also enjoyed the self-discovery that resulted from them. Dan is amazing at connecting with people, understanding their viewpoints, and providing insight as to how relationships, communications, and processes can be improved.  He provides honest, encouraging, and laser-focused feedback and guidance so that everyone can grow.  I am excited to continue to live out our clinic mission with this refreshed, more open, and closer- knit team! Whatever level of function (or dysfunction) you see in your group, I am very confident that Dan has the experience, the insight, and the leadership to take you and your people to the next level.
Dr. Chris S. Beckwith  (DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR, FABCDD) Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Dan is a professional and I truly miss working under his leadership. Being a very detailed individual, he always has a plan and the method of implementation, leaving those that work for him confident in the direction and willing to follow. Dan is driven and passionate about his work and his calling. He has the highest level of integrity and he would be a great asset to any team.
Marla Halley, Co-founder & Partner, Blue Vine Events & Marketing

Dan sets and achieves goals with excellence. He grasps the greater vision and effectively translates that vision into an individual application for specific ministries. Yet what sets him above the rest is the relational skills that provide the shepherding elements needed for those under him to accomplish their calling with godly effectiveness. I highly recommend him.
Kevin Chenoweth, Owner at the Giving Table

I thoroughly enjoyed working for Dan! There is a difference between working for a leader versus a boss and Dan is a natural-born leader! Dan earned respect from the entire team. He stepped into a very unhealthy organization and I watched him transform the team and within a short amount of time we had a team well on their way to being healthy.
Kim Roesner, Former Executive Assistant

I have had the opportunity to witness Dan teach, encourage and equip leaders in several leader training sessions. Dan has a coaching style that adds high value to his business acumen. Dan is an experienced professional with a people-centered approach and servant leaders’ heart.
Brian Anderson, President of BA Search Group

"If you want to get "unstuck" and map out a course to move ahead in your career and life, Dan can help. His experience and insights helped me move past the limiting beliefs that have held me back since childhood. I am now in the process of developing a strategy to open my own business within the next year."
M. Martin, Future Entrepreneur, Moline.Illinois

Dan is very knowledgeable when it comes to mentoring and coaching a team for success. His standards are high along with the goals for a team member to improve toward their success. A true professional role model by being approachable and leading any team requiring thorough goals and implementation to succeed.
Ron Travis, Facilities Manager

Dan Shows is a great man of character and passion. Dan possesses the ability to not only motivate you but to inspire you to achieve greatness in your life! I have been blessed to work with Dan personally and professionally. I endorse his calling to teach and elevate others like he did myself and my wife. Today, as a Senior Vice President of a nationally ranked construction firm, I continue to use the leadership skills, techniques, and beliefs Dan shared with me. I would not be the person I am today without Dan's guidance and teachings! Dan can take you and your business to the next level!
Troy Erbes, Sr Vice President, Danis Construction Company

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