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We coach to win!

Top athletes know the benefit of coaching - the support, guidance, focus and encouragement is key to success.  High achievers know the value of having the right team of mentors and coaches around them, giving them professional advice, exposing blind spots, and focusing on them entirely.  Companies and individuals know that the money spent is an investment and brings high returns as they are able to perform at their peak. This is our passion....seeing people thrive in their careers and lives!  We coach to Win!

Let's get to know Dan!

Let's get to know Dan!


As a former Executive Pastor (COO, Chief of Staff), Dan has invested in leading and encouraging high-level leaders and teams for over 25 years in large churches and for-profit organizations. He has also served as the VP of sales and marketing for a medical firm.  

Dan's unique style, time tested principles and processes allows him to go deep quickly, leading to lasting results.  

Dan is the father of two boys and the biggest fan of two stepsons. He and his wife, Lori share the same passion for developing people and healthy leadership. Together, Dan and Lori have over 50 years of sales, leadership experience, and insights to share with you and your team.


Let's get to know Dan! Let's get to know Dan!

I am a recent graduate from college and was still unsure of the path I should take career wise. I applied at many different places but wanted to have start my career and not just get a job. After workingwith Dan through coaching and taking the College and Career Assessment, things became so clear. I know see how I am uniquely wire to be successful in a field that I am interested in a "wired" to excel in. If you want to stop wondering, wasting time and get focused you should schedule a session with Dan.

Jay - Recent College Graduate, Davenport Iowa

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